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Edwardian Era Ladies' Corsets - 1902-3 Fall & Winter Chas. A. Stevens & Bros. Catalog

Edwardian Era Ladies' Corsets - 1902-3 Fall & Winter Chas. A. Stevens & Bros. Catalog

Ladies' Corsets

Our Corset Department is the finest and best equipped in Chicago. Every good make is represented in addition to the many styles which are exclusively our own. Stevens' corsets, like every other garment which bears the name of Stevens, are correct in every detail - style, fit and workmanship. Every corset, no matter how low the price, must be up to the Stevens' standard to find a place in the department.

Sizes come 18 to 30 inches unless otherwise stated. When ordering give style, number and size wanted.

No. 2115 - Our Speacial La Vogue No. 2, made in white and drab coutil, in black sateen, bound with satin ribbon; also in white batiste, finished with soft fall of lace; sizes, 18 to 30. Price... $1.00

No. 2121 - A short hip corset for slight figures; sizes 18 to 26. Price... $1.00

No. 2124 - A ribbon corset, designed for slight figures; gives long tapered waist and increases bust and hip measurements from one to three inches; made of moire silk ribbon in white, pink, blue and black. Price... $3.50. In heavy satin ribbon, white, pink and blue. Price... $6.00

No. 2125 - A whalebone corset, made for full figures, long below the waist line and medium low above; made in white and black Roman cloth. Price... $5.00

No. 2128 - An extremely long garment below the waist line, and very low above. The acme of perfection, for very full figures; sizes 19 to 36; in white coutil. Price... $4.50

No. 2128B - Same style in black Italian cloth. Price... $5.00

No. 2132 - A maternity Abdominal Waist. Price... $2.00

No. 2135 - A Child's Waist, made of shirred muslin, finished with lace. Price... 50c

No. 2134 - Same as No. 2135, finished with embroidery edging. Price... 50c

No. 2134B - A Child's Waist of shirred muslin, in style No. 2135, plain; in sizes for a baby six months old to a child 14 years. Price... 25c

No. 2136 - A short hip nursing waist, made with either hook or button front; in white, drab or black. Price... $1.00

No. 2137 - Soft, washable waist, with abdominal lacings. Price... $1.25

No. 2133 - Same as style No. 2137, without abdominal lacings. Price... $1.00

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