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Edwardian Era Ladies' Outerwear - 1907 National Cloak and Suit Company, New York catalog

Edwardian Era Ladies' Outerwear - 1907 National Cloak and Suit Company, New York catalog

No. 1090 $11.00 up
Rain-coat in double-breasted style, loose-fitting in both front and back. This stylish garment introduces extensions over the shoulders in the popular Gibson effect. A collar is simulated by straps of the material, sontache braid and buttons uniquely applied. The full sleeves are nattily completed with pointed cuffs: lapped seams on both front and back, no lining. A new and handsome design, which will be found equally desirable for traveling and general wear.

No. 1091 $12.00 up
Tourist or Rain-coat made with double-breasted front. The coat is loose-fitting both front and back; a belt confines the fulness at the waist. Strappings of the material are displayed down the full length of the front and back and around the arms, giving the new and fashionable Mikado outline. An elaborate collar device is employed, with straps of the material, ornamented with soutache braid. The full sleeves are tucked above chic turn-back cuffs; unlined.

No. 1092 $10.00 up
Tourist or Rain-coat strictly man-tailored, finished with stitching. The Coat is semi-fitted both front and back, and is made with single-breasted fly closing; dart seams are employed on the shoulders, terminating under two breast-pockets which accord with the two hip-pockets in general character; the full sleeves are completed with turn-back cuffs; the coat is unlined. This trim and conservative coat is one of this season's favorite models.

No. 1093 $8.75 up
Rain-coat or Travelling Ulster handsomely tailored. This smart design bears the true London stamp in its shaping which is in box-effect, with double breasted front. The stylish collar is decorated with buttons, the sleeves are in comfortable style, finished with stitching above the wrists, to give the appearance of cuffs; no lining is employed. A graceful coat, which in addition to its protective qualities is an attractive and appropriate garment for general wear.

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