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Edwardian Era Ladies' Outerwear - March 1905 The Delineator

Edwardian Era Ladies' Outerwear - March 1905 The Delineator

8244 - Ladies' Eton Blouse Jacket or Redingote - An attractive representative of the latest modes in outer garments is portrayed above in black peau de soie, with all-over lace and in light and darker gray cloth contrasted with chiffon velvet and a white vest. The blouse is of the Eton type with a plain back and full fronts pouching bcomingly over the belt. The skirt clings closely to the figure, the back seam being closed all the way down. The vest is in medium depth inserted in the under-arm and shoulder seams, but the mode is complete without it. A shawl collar supplies stylish neck completion, and the jacket may be worn open to the waist-line or closed, as preferred. The sleeves are provided with deep cuffs or reversed flare cuffs with frills.

Oak-brown broadcloth is suggested for a redingote to be worn with a skirt to match, and other desirable fabrics are melton, vicuna, benetian, etamine and kersey.

8269 - Ladies' Plaited Surplice Eton Blouse Jacket or Redingote - A design that mya be used as a blouse Eton jacket, or as a redingote in seven-eighths or htree-quarter length, is pictured in broadcloth associated with silk and white goods and decorated with passementerie. The jacket is bloused or eased at the back over a lining that may bbe revealed in vest effect. Shoulder and under-arm seams are used in shaping, and plaits extending from the shoulder to yoke depth are taken up in the fronts, while those at the back are stitched to waist depth. One-seam sleeves are supplied with linings and have the fulness at the wrist disposed in plaits. Turn-back cuffs are included, but may be dispensed with. The neck is collarless, and the surplice fronts may be rolled in oddly shaped revers. A shaped belt follows the joining of the skirt to the body.

Prunella cloth is a stylish material for suits with jackets of this type, and Panama suiting, etamine, zibeline and chiffon velveteen are used.

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