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Edwardian Era Ladies' Headwear - December 1902 The Delineator

Edwardian Era Ladies' Headwear - December 1902 The Delineator

Hats from the Leading Paris Houses

1 - The large round hat of white beaver here shown is trimmed with dull-green velvet leaves and dark-red berries arranged in wreath effect around the crown.

2 - This smart street hat, suggesting the walking shape, has the crown made of black velvet with a fold of beige velvet draped around it. The rolling brim is faced with shaded breasts.

3 - This charming hat for dressy wear is of chenille in a delicate shade of violet. A soft twist of white tulle is arranged between the double brim, and a long white plume falls over the hair at the left side.

4 - Pale-green beaver was the material used in this instance. The brim flares at the left side and is faced with soft folds of tulle in a darker shade of green. Dark-green velvet ribbon is run in and out through slits made in the brim, and a long plume is added.

5 - This shows a fashionable Russian turban of braided felt in soft shades of brown. Dark-brown velvet binds the edge of the rolled brim, and the only trimming is a cock plume in blue and green.

6 - There is good style in this hat made of blue moire velvet, the brim of which is rolled and widens toward the back, where it is cut out in a novel way. Gray-and-white breasts face the brim, and a narrow band of the feather trimming encircles the low crown.

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