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Edwardian Era Children's Fashions - November 1902 The Delineator

Edwardian Era Children's Fashion - November 1902 The Delineator

Figure 197G - Little Girls' or Boys' Coat - Velvet has been conceded to be the most popular fabric for top garments, as is well attested by current styles. The coat exhibited here is fashioned of black velvet, with bands of stitched taffeta affording the decoration, the buttons being of dull black enamel, and is equally appropriate for little people of both sexes. A double-breasted closing is effected with buttons and buttonholes. Linings support the drooping sleeves, which are decorated with turn-back cuffs, and the use of the belt, held in place by straps, is optional. A standing band on which is mounted a rolling collar completes the neck.
For general utility melton in a brilliant claret tint is advised, with black taffeta bands. Moire is stylish, and broadcloth has too many admirers to lose favor.

Figure 198G - Misses' Costume - The jackets of the blouse Eton shaping have by no means been discarded, and a pleasing design is included in this costume developed in olive-green cloth with facings of white peau de soie, embellished with fur and Russian embroidery in scarlet and black, arrow-heads of braid being disposed on the skirt. The jacket blouses characteristically, and a peplum is used in the present instance. Slot seams are substituted for the regulation seams also provided for, and pointed cuffs finish the bishop sleeves. The fronts are rolled with the shawl collar, but they may be worn closed. A strap-belt is added.
Slot seams that terminate at graduated flounce depth above inverted box-plaits are introduced on the skirt, which is adjusted with seven gores and flares attractively at the lower edge.
Black velvet would be a pleasing selection, with facings of Limerick lace. An equally smart choice would be black or dark-blue Sicilian. Snowflake goods are also satisfactory.

Figure 199G - Girls' Long Box Coat - Blue cloth and taffeta are combined in this figure, which shows an effective strap facing that suggests a stole, and applique and machine-stitching add to the effect. The coat is of the long box style, closing at the front with large buttons, and the fashionable breadth is imparted to the shoulders by cape collars. Novel cuffs complete the bishop sleeves, and a turn-down collar supplies neck completion. The strap facing may be omitted without affecting the style of the garment.
Black velvet piped with white satin would be chic, and the lining might be of rose-pink bengaline or taffeta. Moire is also stylish.

Figure 200G - Little Girls' or Boys' Coat - The box shaping is given this coat, which is appropriate for juveniles of both sexes and is shown in a development of Indian-red broadcloth, contrasted with bands of black fur. The double-breasted fronts close with buttons and buttonholes, and vents are allowed at the under-arm seams. The coat sleeves display turn-back cuffs, which may be dispensed with, and a rolling collar in plain outline. The corners of the collar may be rounded and a scolloped lower edge be adopted for the cape collar, as preferred. Pockets concealed by laps are pleasing adjuncts, and black buttons give an ornamental touch.
Black velvet would be chic in association with Limerick lace for the cape collar edged with taffeta bands. A rose-pink taffeta lining would be appropriate. Other adaptable fabrics are kersey, melton, moire, corduroy, beaver and taffeta.

Figure 201G - Girls' or Misses' Coat - A rolling collar and revers of plucked otter, and cuffs of the same fur give the necessary tone to the coat exhibited here in a development of putty-colored beaver. The coat is in three-quarter length, the pattern providing for full length as well, and vents are introduced below the underarm seams, the closing being effected in double-breasted fashion with buttons and buttonholes. Laps conceal the openings to pockets inserted at the sides, and the use of the turn-back cuffs is discretionary. Pearl buttons are used.
Facings of ermine would be smart for a coat of black velvet, and the only allowable color would be in a pale pink or blue silk lining. Broadcloth, kersey, melton, cheviot, covert cloth and moire also make very stylish coats.

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