Monday, February 28, 2011

Edwardian Era Hats for Early Autumn - September 1902 The Delineator

Edwardian Era Hats for the Early Autumn - September 1902 The Delineator

Fig 1 - This "baby" hat intended for misses and girls, is made of white Liberty silk with cream-white lace applique. A band of black velvet ribbon is adjusted around the crown, with a wreath of poppies as additional decoration; loops and ends of the velvet ribbon fall on the hair at the back.

Fig 2 - The picture type is suggested in this hat of tan felt, with trimmings of emerald-green velvet. A bird of Paradise is placed in front, the plumage sweeping over the hat at the right side.

Fig 3 - Fancy braid was used to make this turban. The brim is a succession of bluckle-like effects formed of the braid. A wreath of velvet poppies is arranged around the low crown.

Fig 4 - This large shepherdess hat made of black velvet, is faced with emerald-green plaited tulle. White roses are placed beneath the brim at each side. Loops of darker-green velvet ribbon, and white velvet leaves and white berries are used to trim the hat.

Fig 5 - The double brim and crown of this hat are formed of black Liberty silk and cream-white applique. A long white ostrich plume sweeps the left side, while a smaller plume is beneath the brim at the left. Loops of black velvet ribbon fall over the brim at the back.

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