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Edwardian Era Men's and Boy's Outerwear - March 1905 The Delineator

Edwardian Era Men's and Boy's Outerwear - March 1905 The Delineator

Men's or Boys' Coats

8279 - Men's or Boys' Sack Coat - A well-shaped coat is here pictured in dark-blue serge, finished in regular tailor fashion with machine-stitching. It is in cutaway style, and consists of a back seamed at the centre and single-breasted fronts which may close with one, three or four buttons. Pockets concealed by laps are inserted at the sides as well as a left breast pocket finished with a welt. The neck is completed by a rolling collar forming notches with the small lapels. Sleeves of the usual two-seam coat shaping finished stylishly with vents and buttons are employed.

Mixed suitings are appropriate, and a coat of this type may be made satisfactorily of kersey, vicuna, cheviot, covert or melton, tailor suitings or cloth.

8275 - Men's or Boys' Long Box Overcoat - Oxford-gray cloth gave an attractive development of this mode, which is pictured in the accompanying engravings, finished with machine-stitching. The coat follows the box shaping and laps in front, where the closing is effected in a fly. Lapels are allowed, and a rolling collar completes the neck. Laps conceal the openings to pockets at the sides, and a breast pocket finished with a welt is also supplied. Turn-back cuffs are added to the sleeves if the plain finish is not desired. In accordance with current fashions a back-strap is given, but the coat is as smart without it.

Melton, broadcloth, kersey, and the fancy mixtures and tailor cloths are extensively used. Rough gray chinchilla or dark-blue cloth would be very stylish. A development in light-tan covert would be in good taste for Spring.

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