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Edwardian Era Children's Fashions - October 1903 The Delineator

Edwardian Era Children's Fashions - October 1903 The Delineator

Girls' Dresses

7125 - Girls' Box-PLaited Dress - An attractive frock is here illustrated in red serge with fancy braid for trimming. The front and backs of the waist are laid in three box-plaits, those at the centre extending to the neck. A lining is used as a foundation for the waist, which is topped by a yoke that may be outlined by a pointed bertha, the centre box-plaits separating it at the front and back. A standing collar is used. Two-seam linings support the bishop sleeves that are plaited to elbow depth and gathered into broad cuffs. A ribbon belt conceals the joining of the five-gored skirt, which is box-plaited all around and has an inverted box-plait at the back.

White Lansdowne will be an admirable selection with elaboration of black velvet baby ribbonin some fanciful design or insets of lace medallions on the bertha. Flannel, cashmere, albatross, checks, plaids, challis and washable materials will give satisfaction.

7133 - Girls' Dress - In the pretty little frock here pictured, light-blue challis and Irish lace were associated. Narrow tucks are introduced below the applied square yoke and are framed by broader tucks turned to simulate box-plaits extending to the belt. Gathers regulate the fulness at the lower edge of the front and backs, the former blousing over the belt, which closes in front with buttons and buttonholes, while the latter are drawn down snugly and close invisibly at the centre. A close lining is supplied, its use, like that of the yoke, being a matter of taste. Bands with rounding overlapping ends lengthen the bishop sleeves that are also tucked in box-plaited effect, and a standing collar finishes the neck. Gathers regulate the fulness at the top of the five-gored skirt where it joins the waist, and a tucked box-plait is arranged at each side in apparent continuation of those in the waist.

For school wear a dress of dark-blue serge will be attractive with a decoration of braid. Red cashmere will also be pretty, and other approved materials are albatross, challis and woollen mixtures as well as many of the wash goods. Silk or velvet may be used for contrast on a woollen dress and decoration may be supplied by buttons.

7144 - Girls' Dress - Simple designs are generally more becoming to young girls than the more fanciful ones, and a pretty frock is here portrayed in cloth, relieved with bands of plain and embroidered material. Plaits are arranged at the front and back and taper toward the lower edge, where gathers regulate the pouching fulness in front. The closing is made under the plait at the left side of the front, and a fitted lining is used as a foundation. A plain standing collar is worn, and the sleeves are of bishop shaping. Five gores were used in the construction of the skirt, and plaits in front and a double box-plait at the back give a pretty effect and add to the fulness. A hem finishes the lower edge.

Blue serge would be attractive with bands of bright-red cloth and white pique might be contrasted with pale blue.

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