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Edwardian Era Ladies' Dresses - October 1902 The Delineator

Edwardian Era Ladies' Dresses - October 1902 The Delineator

Figure 130G - Ladies' Costume.
Black-and-white braid gives an effective garniture in this tailor gown for the development of which blue faced cloth was used. At the back and sides the jacket fits comfortably close, while the fronts close invisibly and are extended to form a tab, a similar effect being given in the back. A peplum lengthens the jacket at the sides, and sleeves of regulation coat shaping are introduced. Above the closing the fronts shape revers that meet the ends of the rolling collar.

The five-gored skirt has a habit back and is appropriate for short sweep or round length. A graduated circular flounce with trimming bands is a fashionable feature of the mode, and from beneath the flounce the skirt should be cut away.

Mode broadcloth with velvet collar and cuffs would give good results Coronation-red cheviot is also fashionable and an elaborate effect may be achieved with Persian trimming. Velvet suits are also made up in this way and will be smart in dark blue with a white lining.

Figure 131G - Ladies' Costume.
Tailor suiting in a fancy mixture was appropriately used for this gown, with novelty fibre braid in black-and-white for trimming. The skirt is a five-gored flare type, with an inverted box-plait at the back. It may have a medium sweep or be cut off in dip round length, according to preference, the flare at the lower part being heightened by the addition of a graduated circular flounce from beneath which it is advisable to cut the skirt away.

Snug adjustment at the sides and back identifies the jacket, which may have a fly or visible closing. A rolling collar of velvet finishes the neck and forms notches with the ends of lapels arranged above the closing. Turn-back cuffs are a feature of the sleeves, but they may be omitted.

Hunter's-green hop-sacking with a collar of velvet will make a pretty suit, and a lining of self-colored silk or satin may be added. Black broadcloth is fashionable, and folds of glace taffeta will give distinction.

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