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Edwardian Era Fashion Plate - November 1901 The Delineator

Edwardian Era Fashion Plate - November 1901 The Delineator

Figures 191B and 192B - Pretty Shirt-Blouse Toilettes

Figure 191B - This shows a Ladies' shirt-blouse and skirt.
Tucks arranged to simulate box-plaits are introduced in this blouse, which is of the "buttoned-in-the-back" variety. Both the front and backs are tucked, and the fulness in front pouches modishly. The sleeves are tucked to correspond with the waist proper, and strap-bands give completion. The collar is tucked horizontally and closes at the back in line with the waist, and a belt describes the becoming dip. Taffeta in a fashionable shade of green was used in making the garment.

Satin-faced green cloth was selected for the skirt, which is in five gores and has the back laid in an under box-plait.

Royal-blue voile will result in a stylish toilette, and Persian trimming will supply the desired contrast. Peau de cygne, taffeta, both the plain and fancy varieties, and satins are recommended for the blouse, while serge, cheviot and the various weaves of cloth are appropriate for the skirt.

Figure 192B - This illustrates a Ladies' shirt-waist and skirt.
Russian types are prominent among the season's styles, and a graceful blouse introducing this feature forms a part of this toilette. The waist is smooth across the shoulders both back and front and has gathered fulness at the waist-line, that in front pouching becomingly, while the back is drawn down tight. An applied band decorated with small buttons emphasizes the closing at the left side, and a collar with pointed overlapping end is at the neck. A pointed belt is an attractive addition, and strap-bands complete the blouse sleeves. Dull-red tucked silk was used for the mode in combination with velvet in the same shade.

The skirt is a particularly graceful style with a habit back. It is of the two-piece variety with overlapping front edge, and the flare at the bottom is emphasized by a circular flounce. A band fashioned to correspond with the one on the waist describes the overlapping edge of the skirt. Provision is made for sweep or round length and for a modish dip. Cloth also in dull-red was here utilized for the skirt.

Foliage-green foule will be pretty, and a handsome application of braid can be used as trimming. Taffeta, light-weight serge, cashmere and French broadcloth are suitable.

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