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Edwardian Era Ladies' Hats - December 1901 The Delineator

Edwardian Era Ladies' Hats - December 1901 The Delineator

Descriptions of Millinery Plates

Fig 1 - A golden-brown corded felt plateau is here shown, draped over a shape that flares on the left side; it is caught in a double plait in the back to fall over the hair and is fastened with a rosette and ends of two-tone brown and green taffeta ribbon on the crown. The under-brim is faced with tulle to match, on which narrow bands of brown velvet are stitched. A green parrot is mounted on the left side, and the narrow bandeau is trimmed with a rosette of the ribbon.

Fig 2 - A model that combines simplicity and novelty of design is pictured in this illustration. The frame, which is a pronounced walking shape with a low crown, is covered with a beaver felt plateau of gun-metal gray. It is faced underneath with velvet to match, and a full drapery of the velvet fills in the sides, is brought up from the back and front, crossed, and held in place on each side by fine cut-steel ornaments, the ends terminating in "ears." The back is filled out with a chon of velvet.

Fig 3 - Many felts in light colors are shown, a charming model in pastel blue being reproduced here. The soft beaver felt is mounted on a frame of the Gainsborough shape, and the under-brim is faced with fluted miroir velvet matching in tone and stitched with heavy silk on the edge. Soft folds of LOuisine ribbon and the velvet encircle the low crown and are caught at intervals with long, narrow buckles of gun metal set with mock sapphires. Two breasts of silvery-blue feathers are arranged on the left side, one above and the other underneath the flaring brim, the latter falling over the hair.

Fig 4 - A popular and becoming shape is shown in this dressy model of mastic velvet. The crown is shirred in rows divided by cording and forming puffs on the edge of the double brim. Brown net to match, showing a slight tracey of gilt, is draped around the brim, and at the left side, where the bandeau raises the hat well off the head, giving a stylish flare, is placed a bunch of velvet Marechal Niel roses and leaves, the colors harmonizing beautifully with the mastic shades.

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