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Edwardian Era Ladies' Dresses - December 1902 The Delineator

Edwardian Era Ladies' Dresses - December 1902 The Delineator

Figure 230G - Ladies' Waist and Skirt
Velvet gowns are extremely popular, and a chic exponent of the prevailing styles is here shown in white-dotted green velvet, all-over lace, velvet ribbon and stitched silk strappings affording contrast. The front of the bodice blouses slightly over a strap-belt. An ornamental strap having crossed ends outlines the lace chemisette, which is topped by a standing collar. The fancy sleeves have full puffs gathered into tight bands.

Tunic skirts are again popular, and a stylish example is here depicted. The mode consists of a five-gored tunic skirt over a foundation of similar shaping with a circular flounce increasing the flare at the lower edge. It has an inverted box-plait at the back and falls in a long sweep. The tunic skirt has a scolloped lower outline with a silk strapping and lace medallions, the application of which is explained in "The Dressmaker" of this issue.

A skirt and bodice of dark or sapphire blue Venetian would be effective for dressy or more general wear. Zibeline, broadcloth, covert and suitings are adaptable.

Figure 231G - Ladies' Shirt-Waist and Skirt
Corduroy in a light shade of tan achieved an effective result in this gown, fancy-stitched taffeta straps affording relief. The mode introduces a double skirt, supported by a five-gored foundation. It has a habit back and a medium sweep. The five-gored foundation supports a circular flounce, which accentuates the flare at the lower edge. Stitched bands of taffeta finish the mode, and the pattern provides a two piece flounce and tunic skirt for bias effects in plaids or stripes.

A fancy collar, together with taffeta strappings, elaborate the blouse. The back fits smoothly across the shoulders, gathers adjusting the slight fulness at the waist-line. The front introducing tucks pouches prettily over a strap-belt with corssed ends, and a closing is made at the centre. The full-length bishop sleeves are finished with strap-bands and the use of the straps is optional.

Silk and light-weight wools are appropriate for shirt-waists, and the skirt may be reproduced in cheviot, cloth or mohair.

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