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Edwardian Era Children's Clothing - October 1904 The Delineator

Edwardian Era Children's Clothing - October 1904 The Delineator

7904 - Boys' Suit
Narrow mohair braid, an embroidered emblem and cord forming loops and ends afford a neat finish for the jaunty suit here pictured in navy-blue serge. The knee trousers are formed with seams at the centre, and inside and outside of the leg. They fit comfortably with darts at the back, and close at the sides or in a fly, as preferred. Pockets are provided.

A double-breasted closing is a becoming feature of the coat, and a removable shield and sailor collar increase the attractiveness of the design. A breast pocket is inserted, and side pockets are concealed by laps. Vents are allowed at the side seams, and the sleeves have buttons at the wrist.

Fancy cheviot will make up stylishly, and men's suitings, fine stripes and checks, Knickerbocker suiting, vigoreaux and tweed are among the seasonable fabrics. Brown cloth, trimmed with black braid would be smart.

Pattern 7904 is in 8 sizes from 5 to 12 years of age.

7916 - Little Boys' Double-Breasted Overcoat
Rough gray chinchilla and tan cloth were selected for making the overcoat here pictured, which may be in short three-quarter or in regulation reefer style. The fronts lap broadly and close to the neck with buttons and buttonholes in double-breasted fashion. A turn-down collar of velvet or of the material forms a suitable finish for the neck, and pockets are conveniently located at the front. The sleeves are of regulation shaping with buttons at the wrist.

Broadcloth, storm serge, men's suitings, etc., may be used.

Pattern 7916 is in 8 sizes from 3 to 10 years of age.

7879 - Little Boys' Dress
In this attractive little dress, white pique trimmed with needlework insertion and edging, and blue flannel with a contrasting shield and finished with machine-stitching, are illustrated. The usual plainness characterizes the back, and the front is plain also, closing diagonally and with the ends of the sailor collar extending to the lower edge or terminating just below the waist-line. A belt passing through straps at the side seams is worn. The removable shield bearing an emblem is a pleasing feature, and is topped by a band collar. A hem finish is given the skirt, which is in one with the body. The sleeves are of medium size, with plaits at the wrist stitched to cuff depth in sailor style, or finished with wristbands in regulation bishop fashion. Petticoats, bloomers or knickerbockers may be worn with this dress.

Blue duck is recommended for service, and desirable reproductions are obtainable from albatross, Henrietta, viyella, lady's-cloth, Marseilles, madras or any of the fancy woollen mixtures. A dark-red cloth dress might have a shield of white cheviot, and a smart suit might be made of cream-colored serge, with an emblem embroidered in gold.

Pattern 7879 is in 3 sizes from 2 to 4 years of age.

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