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Edwardian Ladies' Headwear - November 1901 The Delineator

Edwardian Ladies' Headwear - November 1901 The Delineator

Description of Millinery Plates
No 1 - This shows one of the new soft beaver felts, in blue. The crown is indented and the brim, which is faced and edged with a shirring of harmonizing silk, is artistically bent. The back of the brim is folded into a box-plait resting against the hair and held in shape by two jet cabochons. The only other trimming is a long black ostrich plume disposed over the left side and a short ostrich tip curling to the right, another cabochon joining them in the front.

No 2 - A dark-gray beaver felt is used in this new design, the crown and brim being bent into becoming curves. The double brim has the under side draped with scarlet velvet and edged with soft gray and white breasts which encircle it. Similar breasts encircle the crown, and the bandeau on the left side has a chon of the velvet.

No 3 - A stylish yet useful hat is illustrated in this dull brown felt, the trimming consisting of a soft drapery of fancy dotted silk around the crown, caught into a looped chon at the left side. Two quills give a jaunty air, and a steel disk ornaments the centre of the chon. A narrow bandeau raises the hat slightly at the left side and is trimmed with loops of velvet ribbon to match the felt.

No 4 - A model for dressy afternoon or evening wear is shown here and is a good example of the new shape which rolls high on each side. The crown is covered with pale-green Louisine silk shirred on cords and the brim draped with Irish lace. Straps of deep-green velvet are brought up on each side of the brim and caught with Strasse buckles. Velvet bows on top complete the trimming.

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