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Edwardian Era Fashion Plate - December 1902 The Delineator

Edwardian Era Fashion Plate - December 1902 The Delineator

Figure 212G - Ladies' Coat and Skirt
Smooth green cloth was chosen for the development of this chic top garment, with chinchilla for the collar and cuffs. The coat is in slot-seam style, but lapped seams are provided for. It extends well below the waist-line, fitting snugly at the back and sides, while the double-breasted fronts may close in a fly or with visible buttons. The sleeves are of the regulation coat variety, and a rolling collar and lapels carry out the tailor effect.

Five gores shape the skirt which is box-plaited and stitched to flounce depth in slot-seam style. At the back is an inverted box-plait, and a stylish flare marks the lower edge. The skirt is made over a five-gored foundation, and a long or short sweep is provided. Material to match the coat was selected for making the skirt, with a finish of stitching.

London-gray meton would be smart with a collar of black velvet, and smoked pearl buttons for the closing.

Figure 213G - Ladies' Jacket and Skirt
Eton shaping identifies the blouse jacket, which is in slot-seam effect and as illustrated was made of brown homespun, with velvet for the collar. The back fits snugly, and the fronts are double-breasted, puffing out in the approved way. Above the closing, small lapels are arranged and form notches with the ends of the rolling collar. Bishop sleeves, with their fulness confined in a novel cuff, are used in this instance, but regulation coat sleeves are also provided. A strap-belt finishes the lower edge of the jacket, and the use of the peplum is optional.

The skirt, one of the new nine-gored varieties, is in slot-seam effect, with an inverted box-plait at the back. A facing in fanciful outline is a stylish feature of the mode, but may be omitted. It is appropriate for short round, instep or outing length. Provision is made for a habit back, and strapped or regular seams may be employed.

A useful development would be in dark-blue storm serge, with a trimming of stitching in spaced rows. Cheviot, tweed, canvas and "mannish" goods are recommended.

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