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Edwardian Era Children's Clothing - December 1901 The Delineator

Edwardian Era Children's Clothing - December 1901 The Delineator

Party Frocks

Fig 238B - Girls' Frock. A pretty frock is here illustrated. The pattern is in eight sizes from five to twelve years of age.

Frocks for party wear are of considerable moment at this season to the young girl as well as to her mother, and care must be exercised in their selection in order that simplicity of design may be among the prominent features. Blue Lansdowne and velvet were selected for the frock pictured at this figure, suitable contrast being obtained in the lace edging. Box-plaits distinguish the waist, which blouses in front and has a closing arranged at the centre of the back. A fancy collar with pointed ends that terminate under rosettes of velvet ribbon is a smart adjunct, and at the neck is a straight collar of the velvet. Sleeves in elbow length reveal full-length bishop sleeves of white mousseline, completed with bands and frills of lace. The skirt is in three pieces, with an underfolded box-plait at the back, and the flare at the lower edge is emphasized by three narrow gathered ruffles edged with lace and outlined by velvet ribbon. A sash of wide velvet ribbon is worn.

An exceptionally dainty production would be in Nile-green cashmere, with a collar of all-over lace in pale yellow or cream. The sash could be of China or India silk in the same shade. Tan veiling and fancy tucking would also be pretty, with brown silk trimmings. Lady's-cloth and the various weaves of dress goods are also appropriate.

Fig 239B - Little Girls' Box-Plaited Frock. This illustrates a Girls' dress and guimpe. The dress pattern is in seven sizes from two to eight years of age. The guimpe pattern is in six sizes from two to twelve years of age.

Cream-white cashmere relieved with insertion and edging was used in the construction of this frock. The front is box-plaited all the way down, while the back, which is also plaited, is lengthened by a full skirt section gathered at the top, a belt that crosses in front concealing the joining. A gathered bertha outlines the round neck, and the puff sleeves have narrow bands. Full-length sleeves are provided in the pattern, and the dress may be high-necked with a standing collar.

White silk mousseline was used for the guimpe, which is gathered at the neck and closes at the back. At the waist the fulness is drawn in on a shirr-string, and the full sleeves are completed with beading to correspond with the neck and puff sleeves.

Soft, sheer fabrics are appropriate for the guimpe, and elaboration to any extent may be achieved in the trimming. Woollen or silk-and-wool materials are recommended for the dress, with fancy braid for decoration. A trim little frock suitable for school and general wear would be of dark-green or blue serge, with black or self-colored braid. A silk sash will give a dressy touch.

Fig 240B - Misses' Evening Toilette - A waist and skirt for misses are united at this figure. The waist pattern is in five sizes from thirteen to seventeen years of age. The skirt pattern is in five sizes from thirteen to seventeen years of age.

A pretty evening dress for a young miss is here shown, and to make it, figured green silk and all-over lace were combined, with pale-green chiffon ruchings for garniture. The bodice has a fancifully low neck and a full front and backs topped by a pointed yoke. A closing is made at the back, while the front pouches becomingly over a velvet belt. Puff sleeves are added, but they may be replaced by those in elbow or full length, for which the pattern provides, and the neck may be high, finished with a standing collar.

Five gores shape the skirt, which flares at the bottom. The back is of the habit order, and the new dip is introduced. A graduated circular flounce is an additional feature of interest, but its use is a matter of taste. The closing is made at the back, but may be arranged at the left side-front seam, if preferred.

Shrimp-pink Lansdowne and tucked mousseline will associate prettily in the dress, and narrow lace applique will supply the garniture. Veiling, albatross and similar fabrics may be used.

Fig 241B - Misses' Tucked Costume. A stylish costume is here shown. The pattern is in five sizes from thirteen to seventeen years of age.

A simulated yoke of all-over lace outlined with a shallow bertha is the especial feature of this costume, which is made up in pale-pink Henrietta trimmed with narrow black velvet. The bodice is tucked and pouches in front, while an invisible closing is arranged at the back. At the neck is a straight collar, and a belt of ribbon closing with a fancy buckle outlines the fashionable dip. Strap-bands confine the fulness of the blouse sleeves, which are tucked on the outside.

The skirt is a three-piece mode, with a straight-around circular flounce. It is dart-fitted over the hips, and at the back the fulness is taken up in an underfolded box-plait.

Dainty developments of the frock may be had in albatross of delicate tint, or in Lansdowne, with fancy tucking for the yoke. Tan cashmere, with tucked blue taffeta for the yoke, would make up stylishly, and tan lace could be used to trim.

Fig 242B - Little Girls' French Frock - A pretty dress and guimpe are here shown. The dress pattern is in seven sizes from three to nine years of age. The guimpe pattern is in eight sizes from two to sixteen years of age.

This dainty frock is in rounding outline at the neck, the upper part of the body being a smooth yoke. The body is long, in French style, with gathers at the front and also at the back, where the closing is made. The skirt is gathered and joined to the body under a belt. Bands finish the puff sleeves, which may be replaced by full-length sleeves. The neck may be made high and finished with a straight collar. Silk-and-wool goods was sused for the frock, with narrow velvet ribbon in cross-barred effect for trimming.

Fancy tucking and lace edging were combined in the guimpe, which is smooth at the top, but has fulness at the waist drawn in on a shirr-string. The sleeves have narrow bands frill-trimmed to match the collar completing the neck.

China silk in pale-blue or pink will result in a dainty party frock, and, if desired, the guimpe may be dispensed with. Veiling, cashmere and such fabrics are suitable for children's frocks. Tucked silk or muslin will make a pretty guimpe, with beading or edging to trim.

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